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The Shoe That Grows

Every so often in our blog we like to discuss somebody that we come across who is doing incredible things. It might Abebe Bikila, who completed a marathon with no shoes on, or Sam Jalloh, who as we write this is in Africa on a trip to inspire future generations, taking over 200 pairs of ourContinue reading “The Shoe That Grows”

Footwear Game Changers

Disrupters, start-ups, inventors, designers. Every so often, someone comes along with a game-changing thought, idea or vision with the will and desire to make it a reality. The world of footwear is no different, with creators all trying to leave their mark on an industry that can be both very financially rewarding and pivotal toContinue reading “Footwear Game Changers”

Motivate Africa

We recently had the pleasure of Sam Jalloh coming to join us at the Shoestoshare storage where we met Sam for an exciting exchange. Sam made a 500 mile round trip from Liverpool to London and back with a close friend Bruce who help transport 250 pairs of shoes back with Sam for his ‘MotivateContinue reading “Motivate Africa”

Our Friends in Knightsbridge

Recently, we gave you a little background and history to our friends over at Kings College School Wimbledon. Well, there is another fabulous group we thought we should shout about and that is Knightsbridge School. Knightsbridge comprises of another set of incredible teachers, students and parents playing such a crucial and generous role in ourContinue reading “Our Friends in Knightsbridge”

Shoes On The Big Screen

We all love a good film. They are an opportunity to imagine, laugh, cry and escape, offering a vast variety of short term emotional fixes. But they also provide longer-term effects, always managing to root themselves deeply in our timelines, whether that be because of a special song, a release date or maybe a characterContinue reading “Shoes On The Big Screen”

Adidas’ Ocean Shoe

Did you know that Adidas produces over 400 million pairs of shoes every year? That’s over 800 million shoes in one year hitting our highstreets and onto the feet of eager fans. While that kind of supply is great for the consumer, it’s bad news for the planet, but thankfully, Adidas are doing something aboutContinue reading “Adidas’ Ocean Shoe”

Some Exciting News….

Shoes to Share was started with one simple goal in mind, to help under-resourced athletes around the world put their best foot forward. To achieve this, we have set out a fairly ambitious, but achievable plan for getting shoes and sporting equipment to places around the world that need them most. With this in mind,Continue reading “Some Exciting News….”