Our Friends In Wimbledon

Hopefully by now you have become more familiar with the incredible school we work with, Kings College School in Wimbledon. They are the generosity masterminds behind so many of the shoes we sent 6,000 miles around the globe to India when we worked with the Oscar Foundation. Given how proud we are to say they are a close friend and partner of ours, we thought it was time to give you some information about the incredible school themselves, so enjoy.

The school was originally founded in 1829 and grew quickly in both size and reputation during the Victorian period. It became known for it’s progressive stance on education when appointing its first master of science in 1855 during a time when science was not commonly part of many school’s curriculum. The school has been through, and prospered through, many different periods, notably surviving a World War II bomb on the Great Hall that left damage still visible to this day.

Kings has a rich art history, with many students going on to have their work feature in highly recognized institutions both nationally and internationally. In 1951, a certain admired art master, Robert Holloway played a pivotal role in setting up the school’s printing press that led to the development of over 20 printed books and other material. Holloway’s work found its way into many public collections such as the Victoria and the Albert Museum.

Not only does the school have a fabulous history to look back on, but it also has a wonderful present and future to look forward to. ‘The Friends’, a parent association any school would be proud of, looks to enrich education and drive the community spirit onwards. The association host many events each year such as career fairs, community initiatives and seasonal fairs. They also organize a Second-Hand Uniform Sale event where all sales contribute towards the King’s bursary fund.

For anyone lucky enough to take a leisurely stroll around Wimbledon Common, be sure to stop and have a look at the main entrance, you will find some rich heritage in the architecture. We feel very excited to be working with such a fabulous group and we can’t wait to see what future projects have in store.

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