6,000 Miles Later….

Not too long ago, we told you about a 24 hour train journey that our shoes would be going on to reach a location special to our friends at the Oscar Foundation. Well, we are thrilled to say that the shoes have made it and they are now happily leaving the idea of no sport in the dust.

As an organization, we are new, and still fine tuning how we can have the biggest impact possible in helping under-resourced athletes around the world to put their best foot forward. Partnering with an organization like the Oscar Foundation allows us to learn from the powerful movements they are making in using sport to benefit life, and we relish the chance to contribute towards their efforts. When they told us of the upcoming trip to India, we really wanted to get it involved and see how we could help.

For this particular donation, we had suitcases of footwear packed and carried on plains, train and automobiles. As you will see from the photos, the footwear began the journey from London, packed in the back of our cars.

Once each pair had been individually packaged and labelled in our sustainable bags, it was time for them to head to the airport, travelling in the capable hands of Lucinda, of the Oscar Foundation. For anybody that follows us on Instagram (@shoestoshare_), you will have been treated to a little story Lucinda did allowing us to follow one pair of shoes the whole way through. The destination of these particular shoes will put a smile on your face.

Once in India, the shoes were taken on an overnight train through Mumbai, a trip that provided many insightful video moments. The final destination of Karnataka awaited and we followed the story with great anticipation to hear how the donation was going.

On the day of the donation we were lucky enough to receive the below message, along with some truly inspiring photos and video: “The donation you gave the Oscar Foundation has provided a wonderful afternoon ‘festival’. 90 children turned up to enjoy and afternoon of football games run by Oscar Young Leaders. The team hear did an amazing job of matching the shoes to the children so everyone got the right size. I am so impressed with them, which such limited resources they did a fab job. So all the children received the shoes pair by pair in a day under the burning sun”

We can’t thank both the Oscar Foundation, Kings College School of Wimbledon and everyone who donated enough for making this possible. It is wonderful to see how these shoes how put smiles on so many faces and we can’t wait to do it again! Take a look at our Instagram page to see some more content from this fantastic story!

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