Helping under-resourced athletes around the world to put their best foot forward.

Helping Under-Resourced Athletes Put Their Best Foot Forward.

Since May 2019, what began as a simple gesture of thanks has begun to gather real momentum, as more and more sponsored athletes, professional players, coaches and organisations show their willingness to get involved.

Thanks to the incredible generosity of so many, your donations have reached far and wide around the globe. But we won’t stop there, we still need your help to keep putting smiles on the faces of so many who just need that one pair of shoes or that extra piece of equipment. So click the button below and find out how to play your part in the Shoes To Share story.

We have been on several contents, worked with some incredible people, donated all kinds of sporting goods, but one thing remains the same no matter what, the welcoming smiles on the faces of the people we work with. People who are doing amazing things to make sport happen for the people in their community and it is our honor to have worked with them.

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Motivate Africa

We recently had the pleasure of Sam Jalloh coming to join us at the Shoestoshare storage where we met Sam for an exciting exchange. Sam made a 500 mile round trip from Liverpool to London and back with a close friend Bruce who help transport 250 pairs of shoes back with Sam for his ‘MotivateContinue reading “Motivate Africa”

Our Friends in Knightsbridge

Recently, we gave you a little background and history to our friends over at Kings College School Wimbledon. Well, there is another fabulous group we thought we should shout about and that is Knightsbridge School. Knightsbridge comprises of another set of incredible teachers, students and parents playing such a crucial and generous role in ourContinue reading “Our Friends in Knightsbridge”

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