Shoes On The Big Screen

We all love a good film. They are an opportunity to imagine, laugh, cry and escape, offering a vast variety of short term emotional fixes. But they also provide longer-term effects, always managing to root themselves deeply in our timelines, whether that be because of a special song, a release date or maybe a character who has shaped our own character. They have an incredible ability to influence our mood, outlook, knowledge and fashion sense. Film makers have long understood the value that brands also see in a blockbuster film serving as a platform for promotion. With that in mind, we put a ‘top 5’ list together of some of our most iconic footwear movie scenes. Enjoy.


Who can forget Stanley Yelnats with a name that reads the same forward and backwards?! For Stanley, shoes played an almighty role in his life. They were the reason for his initial downfall, wrongly being placed in juvenile detention, but they were also the vehicle behind his family’s later success. Father Yelnats thankfully created a winning formula to keep footwear fresh. What a throw back for any 90’s kids out there. 

George of the Jungle 

Raised in the jungle, completely separate from society and technology, George of the Jungle was raised by an Ape called Ape. It is hard to forget the iconic scene when the UPS van pulls up and drops off George’s fresh new pair of ‘Nike Air More Uptempos’. George takes them out of the box, expressing both a confused yet majorly impressed facial expression. He puts them straight on, laces them up and heads off on an almighty sprint onwards. How clever of Nike. 

Forest Gump 

“Run Forest, Run”. Possibly one of the most famous lines to come from a film ever, being shouted at one of the most lovable characters ever played. He wasn’t just loved for his caring and somewhat clumsy personality but was also loved for his innocent fashion sense. Who can forget his famous posture, sat on that bench with his suit and ‘Nike Cortez Classic’ sneakers? Those Cortez Classics seemed to serve him pretty well during his famous American run and provided another iconic Nike footwear movie moment.  


Cinderella has had many remakes, interpretations, live performances etc etc, but the message and the magic remains the same. But no matter which form you choose to get your Cinderella Disney fix, it still remains one of the most iconic films to feature a shoe moment.

Back To The Future 

Nike has been on the block for quite some time now and was already a well known name when Back to the Future II aired in 1989. As ever, they found a way to stay top of mind, this time with a ‘NASA- worthy’ sneaker that tied its own laces on top of a hoverboard. Ironically, the famous Marty McFly shoe was brought to life commercially with the Nike Air Mag.

We hope one day this article is written by somebody else, talking about a Shoestoshare pair that made somebody famous, until then, keep donating.

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