Our Friends in Knightsbridge

Recently, we gave you a little background and history to our friends over at Kings College School Wimbledon. Well, there is another fabulous group we thought we should shout about and that is Knightsbridge School. Knightsbridge comprises of another set of incredible teachers, students and parents playing such a crucial and generous role in our journey.

As the name might suggest, Knightsbridge School is based in Knightsbridge, London, just a few minutes walk from the River Thames. The school was founded in 2006 by Magoo Giles with 6 key values: Atmosphere, Attitude, Autonomy, Achievement, All-Rounder and Action. This would make complete sense, given Magoo’s military background. Magoo can proudly claim to have served in: the UK, Belize, Spain, Cyprus, Germany and Bosnia.

Magoo’s beliefs are ever present throughout the school. These are manifest beautifully by his quote which you can find on the website, “Being a former soldier, the KS initials for me imply ‘Keep it Simple’, a suitable message in a very complex world. We do also expect everyone to Keep Studying, Keep Striving, Keep Safe & Sound, Keep Sporting, Keep Striding and Keep Soldiering On”

Since being founded, Knightsbridge has gone from strength to strength and has big ambitions for the future. Each year, the students go on to even bigger and better things, knowing that the foundations built at Knightsbridge will last a lifetime.

Furthermore, the school has been doing fantastic work for the charities that it works with each year. The staff, pupils and Parents Association all play key roles in making sure a whole host of charitable initiatives leave their mark on helping the causes they serve. Bake sales, film nights, discos and entrepreneurial events all help to raise awareness and money, providing exciting and educational opportunities for all involved.

We have been lucky enough to receive over 200 pairs of football boots, running shoes, tennis shoes and more, many of which have already been sent around the world to their new homes. We feel very lucky to work with such a fabulous group of people and look forward to seeing what the future brings.

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